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Medical Administrative Assistant Programs in Tennessee

Looking for classes in a specific city? Check out our lists of Medical Administrative Assistant Programs in Chattanooga, Clarksville, Knoxville, Memphis, Murfreesboro, and Nashville.

Wondering how to navigate the maze of Medical Administrative Assistant Programs in Tennessee? Look no further.

This straightforward guide maps out the essential programs for those looking to join the dynamic field of healthcare administration, blending medical knowledge with stellar office skills right here in the Volunteer State.

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TCAT Knoxville – Medical Administrative Assistant Program

If you’re keen on stepping into the world of healthcare administration, TCAT Knoxville presents an engaging Medical Administrative Assistant Program that can be completed online. This option is tailored for the adaptable learner, eager to balance work and studies.

  • Flexibility: The online format lets you manage your study schedule alongside other commitments.
  • Curriculum Range: Get to grips with medical terminology, healthcare laws, and various billing and coding practices.
  • Certification Ready: The program prepares you for the Certified Medical Administrative Assistant (CMAA) exam.

Under the guidance of seasoned healthcare professionals, students emerge with significant insights into the administrative spine of the healthcare industry.

University of Tennessee – Martin Online Class for Medical Administrative Assistant Certification

Considering a program with a short duration that packs a punch? The University of Tennessee – Martin aligns with your goals. Over 4-6 months, dive into a curriculum that lays a sturdy foundation, from the basics of the healthcare industry to medical ethics and law.

  • Flexibility and Accessibility: Choose to study online anytime, fitting your education into a busy life.
  • Certification Exams: Prepare for the NWCA MAAC or NHA CMAA exams to boost your resume.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: At $1,299, this training program is an affordable gateway to the healthcare sector.

An externship opportunity further empowers you with real-world experience, making your transition into the healthcare administrative world smoother.

TCAT Memphis – Medical Administrative Assistant Program

If a more traditional classroom environment appeals to you, TCAT Memphis offers a comprehensive, full-time program focused on a blend of necessary medical admin skills, including medical terminology, coding, and ethics.

  • Practical Experience: Includes a hands-on practicum to apply your learning.
  • Certification Options: The program equips you with certifications such as CMAA and Quickbooks.
  • Financial Clarity: Know what you’re investing with a clear tuition cost of $4,279.63.

Graduates are skilled in insurance billing practices essential for addressing today’s healthcare challenges. With multiple certifications under your belt, you’re well-prepped for stepping into the administrative arena. If this piques your interest, further explore TCAT Memphis’ program.

TCAT Morristown – Medical Administrative Assistant Program

Looking for a program with a time frame that allows immersion into learning while preparing to jumpstart your career swiftly? The 12-month curriculum at TCAT Morristown is engineered for you.

  • Concentrated Curriculum: Embrace medical office procedures, insurance intricacies, and health record management.
  • Specialization Option: Deepen your expertise with a medical assisting concentration.
  • Preparation for Certification: The offerings here are designed to assist you in achieving certifications integral to the role of a medical administrative assistant.

The path here is sprinkled with hands-on opportunities, reflected in the program’s cost of $4,119. Your hands-on practicum ensures you’re not just meeting but exceeding employer expectations.

TCAT Pulaski – Medical Administrative Assistant Program

Embedded within the serene location of Pulaski, TCAT’s 12-month program delivers training laser-focused on comprehensive business communications, medical terminology, and an array of electives.

  • Elective Variety: Tailor your education to your interests with specialized electives.
  • Office Skills: Master the general office abilities that are in demand across healthcare entities.
  • Credentialed Path: Glide through the journey of educational to professional status with relevant certifications.

Aimed at individuals seeking a daytime, full-time program, TCAT Pulaski ensures a holistic skillset for any aspiring medical administrative professional. Take a closer look at what TCAT Pulaski offers and envision your future role within a healthcare office setting.

Chattanooga State Community College – Medical Assisting Program

At Chattanooga State Community College, you’re not just another student – you’re a future healthcare professional in the making. Accrued with the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education’s stamp of approval, this program is a blend of clinical and administrative training unmatched by many.

  • Hands-On Learning: Engage in externships that provide invaluable on-the-job experience.
  • Wide-Ranging Training: Dip into an extensive pool of knowledge that spans pharmacology to nutrition.
  • Income Potential: Graduates can look forward to a competitive average income of $34,800.

With the program polishing your skills, the transition into various health professional roles becomes a guided journey into a flourishing career.

TCAT Shelbyville – Medical Administrative Assistant Program

TCAT Shelbyville’s program stands out for its emphasis on a robust education that centers around medical coding, billing, and real-life medical practicum experience.

  • In-Depth Skills: Hands-on experience ensures you are industry-ready upon graduation.
  • All-Inclusive Training: The program doesn’t just educate; it prepares you to become a certified professional.
  • Integrated Curriculum: Coursework is catered to build upon each skill progressively for cohesive learning.

This 12-month, full-time program is underpinned by a strong credentialing system, including AMCA certifications, and provides education worth its cost at $4,119.

TCAT Harriman – Medical Office Assistant Program

Lastly, let’s look at TCAT Harriman and their approach to molding versatile medical office professionals. Their program is a fusion of administrative and clinical services training, offering not one but five nationally recognized certifications.

  • Broad Medical Knowledge: Engage with coursework ranging from medical coding expertise to disease management understanding.
  • Commitment to Excellence: The full commitment demanded by the program aligns with its promise to open numerous healthcare pathways.
  • Financial Transparency: With straight-forward costs totaling $3,951, you know your educational investment upfront.

If you’re bent on excellence and eager to equip yourself with a multifaceted skill set, TCAT Harriman defines the goalposts. Their offering is compact yet rich, setting you on the fast track to diverse opportunities in healthcare. Unearth the potentials that lie within TCAT Harriman’s Medical Office Assistant Program and propel yourself towards a career that blends patient care with administrative acumen.

Choosing a program from the variety of Medical Administrative Assistant Programs in Tennessee means considering your personal circumstances, learning preferences, budget, and career goals. No matter your choice, each program offers unique strengths that can help launch a successful career in this ever-evolving sector.

TCAT Crossville – Medical Administrative Assistant Program

At TCAT Crossville, students can enroll in a dedicated program that leads to a diploma in Medical Administrative Assisting. This curriculum is designed to prepare you for the busy world of healthcare management with a clear focus on medical office procedures and an assortment of elective courses to broaden your expertise.

  • Specialized Training: Gain knowledge that’s specific to the administrative side of healthcare, ensuring you’re an ideal fit for any medical office setting.
  • Elective Choices: Customize your learning experience with varied elective paths that align with your career ambitions.
  • Investment in Your Future: The program cost of $4,119 is an investment in a solid foundation for your healthcare career.

Equipped with the tailored training this program provides, you’ll be ready to take on administrative roles within diverse healthcare environments. Check out what the TCAT Crossville program offers and see how you might fit into the larger healthcare puzzle.

Motlow State Community College – Certified Medical Administrative Assistant Program

For those interested in the convenience and flexibility of online learning, Motlow State Community College delivers. Their Certified Medical Administrative Assistant Program is structured entirely online, so you can equip yourself with valuable skills on your schedule.

  • Certification Exam Prep: Beyond course completion, this program prepares you for the national certification exam and even includes the exam voucher.
  • Experienced Faculty: Learn from professionals who have made significant strides in the healthcare field.
  • Seamless Online Experience: Tribe for an accessible and comprehensive learning journey from any location.

Steer your career in the right direction with the support of Motlow State’s Certified Medical Administrative Assistant Program and watch as doors in the medical administrative sector swing open to welcome you.

TCAT Harriman – Administrative Office Technology Program with a Medical Administrative Assistant Specialization

The TCAT Harriman offers an all-encompassing 12-month specialization within its Administrative Office Technology program. This specialization not only covers general administrative skills but also delves deep into medical practices, making your skillset all the more valuable.

  1. Diverse Training: Explore courses that teach office technology as well as specialized medical practice knowledge.
  2. Practical Experience: Engage with the material fully through hands-on practicum opportunities.
  3. Certification Preparation: Use your knowledge to obtain multiple certifications, increasing your marketability to employers.

For those committed to working in a medical environment, this program is an exceptional stepping stone. The cost of $4,008 reflects the comprehensive nature of the education you will receive.

TCAT Livingston – Medical Administrative Assistant Diploma

Your career ambitions can find a solid grounding at TCAT Livingston, where the focus is on imparting both business and medical office skills through 6 technical tracks, one of which leads to a diploma specifically in Medical Administrative Assisting.

  • In-depth Curriculum: Delve into varied subjects including software applications and medical coding.
  • Versatile Skillset: Prepare to handle a wide array of administrative tasks within the healthcare industry.
  • Engaging Learning: Benefit from an educational approach that prioritizes hands-on experiences.

Empower your career aspirations by considering the diploma program at TCAT Livingston, where the curriculum is designed to prepare you for the multifaceted nature of a medical administrative assistant’s role.

Tennessee College of Applied Technology McKenzie – Medical Administrative Assistant Program

If you’re seeking a comprehensive education with a practical slant, TCAT McKenzie provides just that. The heart of this program lies in its computerized medical office training, preparing students to handle pivotal administrative tasks proficiently.

  • Practical Learning: Embrace a program that emphasizes a hands-on approach to medical coding and administrative tasks.
  • Holistic Training: Gear up for real-world challenges with a curriculum that touches on all critical aspects of medical administration.
  • Affordability and Value: Get the best value for your educational investment with tuition set at $4,119, inclusive of additional credentialing opportunities.

To become a part of a program that balances theory with ample practical application, take a moment to explore TCAT McKenzie’s offering.

Remington College – Medical Assisting Diploma Program

At Remington College in Memphis, the Medical Assisting Diploma Program offers a balanced educational approach, preparing students to swiftly fit into various entry-level medical roles upon graduation.

  • Dual Training: The program incorporates both clinical and administrative practices, ensuring a rounded professional outcome.
  • Hands-On Experience: Real-life training is interwoven throughout the program, fortifying your resume.
  • Credible Accreditation: With ACCSC accreditation, this diploma carries a mark of quality respected across the healthcare industry.

Explore the potential career opportunities that await after completing the Remington College program—a path that promises growth and a secure foothold in the healthcare sector.

UTC Center for Professional Education – Certified Medical Administrative Assistant Program

UTC’s Center for Professional Education offers a flexible and comprehensive online certification program in medical administration. This flexible study option is the perfect fit for working professionals or anyone else who needs a program that can adapt to their busy lives.

  • Professional Development: Widen your professional horizon with a certification that adds luster to your resume.
  • Industry Relevant Skills: Grasp vital healthcare management skills that are in high demand.
  • Learning At Your Pace: Benefit from a program that respects your time and adapts to your pace without compromising quality.

For a learning experience tailored to the speed of your life, consider the Certified Medical Administrative Assistant Program at UTC.

Choosing the Right Medical Administrative Assistant Program in Tennessee

Embarking on a career as a Medical Administrative Assistant in Tennessee opens doors to an industry that’s as challenging as it is rewarding. Here are some things to keep in mind as you narrow down your program choices:

  1. Accreditation: Ensure that the program you’re interested in is recognized by a reputable accrediting body.
  2. Program Length: How much time can you commit? Programs can vary from a few months to over a year.
  3. Cost: Factor in your budget. Look for transparency in tuition fees and associated costs.
  4. Delivery: Assess whether an online, hybrid, or on-campus program suits your learning style and life circumstances best.
  5. Externships: Practical experience is invaluable. Does the program offer hands-on practice in a real work environment?
  6. Certification Exam Preparation: A good program should prepare you to pass relevant industry certification exams with flying colors.

Making the right choice means considering these factors in light of what’s most important for your career development.

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Conclusion: Launch Your Career with a Certified Program

Selecting the right Medical Administrative Assistant Program in Tennessee can be the launchpad for a fulfilling and stable career in healthcare administration. With a thorough approach to learning and skill development, coupled with credentials that enhance your employability, you’re poised to make an impactful entrance into the healthcare profession. Take that next step on your career path by enrolling in a certified program that aligns with your ambitions, and embrace the bright future in healthcare administration that awaits you.