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Medical Administrative Assistant Programs in Georgia

Looking for classes in a specific city? Check out our lists of Medical Administrative Assistant Programs in Athens-Clarke County, Atlanta, Augusta-Richmond County, Columbus, Macon-Bibb County, Sandy Springs, Savannah, and South Fulton.

Are you mapping out your future in the buzzing healthcare sector of the Peach State?

Securing the right education is crucial, and Medical Administrative Assistant Programs in Georgia stand as your gateway to a flourishing career, blending medical knowledge with clerical mastery.

This article is your beacon, illuminating the path to reputable programs that promise not only to sharpen your skills but also to elevate your professional trajectory in the vibrant world of healthcare.

Chattahoochee Technical College – Medical Administrative Assistant Program

When embarking on a journey to become a medical administrative assistant in Georgia, Chattahoochee Technical College should be on your radar. Its Medical Administrative Assistant program is designed with a robust curriculum backed by accreditation from the American Medical Technologists organization, ensuring you receive education that’s recognized and respected.

Through the program, you’ll dive into medical office procedures and insurance management, all under the guidance of experienced professionals, including the accomplished Deborah Bryant, MS/ED, PSY, CMA (AAMA). Real-world experience is a keystroke away with the possibility of internships or clinical rotations. Prepare yourself with essential industry knowledge and practical application.

Although details on the duration, cost, and class schedules aren’t readily available on their website, they’re just an inquiry away. Reach out and seize the opportunity to learn more about what could potentially be your stepping stone to a dynamic career in healthcare administration. View their Medical Administrative Assistant program details to contact an advisor and carve out your professional path today.

Georgia Highlands College – Medical Front Office Assistant

Should your preference lean towards the flexibility of online learning, Georgia Highlands College presents a Medical Front Office Assistant program that checks all the boxes. With a blend of convenience and comprehensive skill-building, their online classes are interactive, thanks to live Zoom sessions.

This program goes beyond mere theory; they offer an optional 80-hour externship for hands-on experience, a critical component when it comes to understanding the nuances of a medical front office setting. The $699 program fee also presents an affordable investment in your future, and with a payment plan available, financial constraints need not deter your aspirations.

  • Curriculum designed to prepare for the national certification exam: Rest assured, with this program, you’re being groomed for success.
  • Cost includes exam preparation materials: Focus on conquering your certification without the worry of added expenses.

Remember to factor in the externship fees, should you opt for that invaluable real-world practice. Familiarize yourself with this virtual door to your new career and peek behind the scenes at their Medical Front Office Assistant program.

University of Georgia Center for Continuing Education – Certified Medical Administrative Assistant with Medical Billing & Coding

Perhaps you’re thinking of a broader scope in the administrative realm, inclusive of medical billing and coding. The University of Georgia Center for Continuing Education delivers just that, with their Certified Medical Administrative Assistant with Medical Billing & Coding program. Priced at $3,695, the course fee is all-encompassing, even including an exam voucher.

This prestigious online program empowers you to conquer the CMAA national certification, replete with learning on coding, billing, medical terminology, and legal matters such as HIPAA. Accessibility is a priority as they offer accommodations for students with disabilities, affirming their commitment to inclusive education.

Rest easy with their helpful study guides, ensuring you’re well-equipped for an administrative role that’s central to any healthcare setting. Imagine the possibilities and elevate your credentials by visiting their Certified Medical Administrative Assistant program page.

Gwinnett Technical College – Medical Administrative Assistant Program

Gwinnett Technical College’s Medical Administrative Assistant Program spans a comprehensive ten weeks, designed to fast-track your entry into the healthcare administration orbit. Learning here is not relegated to textbooks alone; their program banks heavily on practical application, setting the stage for your eventual role.

Classes run Monday through Thursday with a balmy half-day on Friday, respecting your need for balance. The thoroughness of this program equips you with the tools necessary to manage the bustling front office of a medical establishment, though you should reach out directly to get a detailed grasp on cost and specifics.

Connect with Gwinnett Technical College for insights into how these ten weeks could shape your professional journey. Take the initiative and discover more at Gwinnett Technical College’s Medical Administrative Assistant Program.

Kennesaw State University – Medical Office Assistant Certificate Program

Bearing in mind the steady demand for medical administrative assistants, Kennesaw State University’s Medical Office Assistant Certificate Program answers the call with a four-month, comprehensive course poised to set you up for success. Gain not only theoretical knowledge but also prowess in practical computer instruction, both essential in a range of healthcare environments.

Upon completion, this program lends itself as a stepping stone, making you eligible to sit for the National Healthcareer Association CMAA exam. Perfect your skills in front office operations, patient billing, and more, as this certificate opens doors to advanced educational opportunities, such as their Medical Coding Specialist program.

Keep in mind, the cost of textbooks will be a separate consideration, as you plot your trajectory in this field. With the current healthcare landscape hungry for skilled individuals, why wait? Kennesaw State University is beckoning, so have a closer look at their Medical Office Assistant Certificate Program.

Georgia Piedmont Technical College – Technical Certificate of Credit in Medical Front Office Assistant

If your passion lies in expertly managing the pulse of a medical office, then the Technical Certificate of Credit in Medical Front Office Assistant at Georgia Piedmont Technical College offers an educational endeavor tailored to you. Within this program spanning 22 credit hours, you’ll find a curriculum that marries cutting-edge office technology with the nuanced demands of the healthcare industry.

Embarking on this certification means stepping inside a learning experience that can lead to opportunities as a skilled medical receptionist—one of the most crucial roles that ensure a healthcare facility operates harmoniously. If you’re contemplating enrolling in this program, it’s essential to consider:

  • Location flexibility: With multiple campuses at your fingertips, convenience is a priority.
  • Career-tailored courses: Ensure that what you learn is aligned with your desired role in the workforce.

Regarding tuition and hours, you’ll need to engage directly with an advisor to align the program with your financial and educational needs. However, be assured that this is a program entrenched in real-world value, and it is part of the Technical College System of Georgia, which embraces equal opportunity in education.

Your future in the world of healthcare beckons. Amplify your expertise with Georgia Piedmont Technical College’s Medical Front Office Assistant program.

University of North Georgia – Medical Administrative Assistant Program

Delve deeply into the University of North Georgia’s Medical Administrative Assistant Program, and you’ll unearth an expansive platform for education and hands-on learning. Notably, the program opens avenues not just for academic growth but also for the very palpable prospect of stepping straight into your career post-certification.

Here are valuable takeaways you’ll receive:

  • Comprehensive Education: Anchored in core concepts such as medical terminology and billing.
  • Externship Opportunities: Ensuring that theory translates seamlessly into practice.

This accredited curriculum not only preps you for national certification exams like those offered by AAPC and AHIMA but also hones your practical skills through engaging externships. Opting for this program does require a clarity of purpose: while completion is an accomplishment, the journey to full certification may demand further practical experience.

Ready yourself for a dynamic career with the University of North Georgia’s tailored program. You can explore the possibilities by visiting their Medical Administrative Assistant Program page.

Ashworth College – Medical Administrative Assistant Program

With Ashworth College’s Medical Administrative Assistant Program, you’re not just enrolling in a course; you’re setting the trajectory for your professional destiny. This program is meticulously crafted to provide a balance between crucial administrative processes and an introduction to clinical competencies—all within the comfort of an online format that respects your rhythm and pace.

Highlights of this program include:

  • Flexible schedule: Ideal for fitting around life’s other commitments.
  • Career resources: Access to Ashworth College Central Network, giving you a head start in the job market.

While details about licensing after the program completion may oscillate based on individual student circumstances, Ashworth College proudly outfits you with the organizational prowess critical for flourishing in healthcare facilities. And with tuition plans that honor economic diversity, this could be the precise fit for your ambitions.

Unfold the details and evaluate how this program can hone your professional skills. Anything’s possible with Ashworth College’s Medical Administrative Assistant Program.

Georgia Northwestern Technical College – Medical Front Office Assistant Certificate

At Georgia Northwestern Technical College, the Medical Front Office Assistant Certificate encapsulates a rich, targeted learning experience. This 22-credit-hour program places emphasis squarely on priming students for positions such as healthcare receptionist, a role that stands as the bedrock of patient-provider interactions.

Key aspects of the program situate you to excel:

  • Mastery of medical terminology: Empowering you to communicate efficiently within the healthcare context.
  • Administrative procedure training: Equipping you with the knowledge to maintain seamless office operations.

Attending on one of several campuses, you’ll be met with a practical approach to learning that feeds into the broader goal of the Technical College System of Georgia: an unequivocal commitment to equal educational opportunities. The specifics around pricing and course hours can be clarified with the help of an advisor, who can steer your academic course to match career aspirations.

Discover how Georgia Northwestern Technical College can be pivotal to your success by exploring the Medical Front Office Assistant Certificate program.

Selecting the Right Medical Administrative Assistant Program in Georgia

Choosing one of the many Medical Administrative Assistant Programs in Georgia can seem daunting, but with the right parameters, you can pinpoint the perfect program for you. As you explore options, keep these considerations at the forefront:

  1. Accreditation: Verify the credibility and recognition of the program’s accreditation.
  2. Program Duration: Understand the time commitment you are about to undertake.
  3. Curriculum: Look for courses that speak directly to the skills you want to hone.
  4. Hands-on Training: Find out if there are practical components, like internships, that will enrich your learning.
  5. Cost: Assess the financial investment and ascertain the value it adds to your career.
  6. Location: Consider the geographical convenience or the flexibility of online offerings.

By weighing each of these factors, you are positioning yourself to make an educated decision, one that promises to be congruent with your career trajectory and personal circumstances. This calculated approach ensures that when the time comes to leap into the healthcare administration world, you are more than prepared—you are confident in the journey ahead.

Medical Administrative Assistant Programs by State

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Pursuing a Career in Medical Administration: Next Steps After Graduation

After graduation, the landscape of medical administration unfolds with promising vistas. Each program outlined presents a set of skills and knowledge that are desirable in the healthcare sector. But the end of your program is only the beginning; as you transition from education to employment, consider these directives:

  • Job Searching: Leverage the career services of your alma mater and platforms like LinkedIn to connect with potential employers.
  • Further Education: Continue to evolve by seeking advanced certifications or specialties that can elevate your marketability.
  • Professional Development: Embrace workshops and conferences to stay current in an ever-adaptive field.

By pursuing these post-graduation strategies, you are not only cementing your credibility but also evolving within a dynamic career path. The right Medical Administrative Assistant Program in Georgia is a stepping stone; how high you climb thereafter rests upon the continuous pursuit of excellence.