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Medical Administrative Assistant Programs in Norfolk VA

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Are you plotting a career path in the vibrant healthcare sector of Norfolk, VA?

Navigating the realm of Medical Administrative Assistant Programs in Norfolk VA can be as intricate as the medical coding systems they teach.

Yet, here’s a lucid snapshot of Norfolk’s educational landscape, cherry-picking programs that equip you with the administrative prowess to thrive in clinics and hospitals.

From patient coordination to mastering medical software, this article is your scalpel to carve out a niche in medical administration.

Tidewater Community College – Associate of Applied Science in Administrative Support Technology, Specialization in Medical Administrative Assistant

Taking the first step towards a fulfilling career in healthcare administration requires choosing a program that not only meets educational standards but also imbues you with the necessary skills to excel. At Tidewater Community College, you will find a comprehensive Associate of Applied Science in Administrative Support Technology, specialized for those aiming to become Medical Administrative Assistants.

This program is meticulously designed to prepare you for the multifaceted roles that define medical administration:

  • Practical Know-how: You’ll master the art of managing electronic health records, a crucial component in today’s digital healthcare environment.
  • Administrative Excellence: Billing, appointment scheduling, and day-to-day administrative tasks are at the core of what keeps a medical office running smoothly.
  • Credentials that Matter: With opportunities to pursue Microsoft Office Certifications and CAP (Certified Administrative Professional), your resume will stand out.
  • Flexibility and Support: TCC offers both campus and online options to fit your schedule, paired with financial aid and scholarships.

Whether you choose the associate degree or the shorter Career Studies Certificate, TCC’s program is tailored to propel you into the beating heart of healthcare administration.

Fortis College – Medical Assistant Program

If your search for Medical Administrative Assistant Programs in Norfolk, VA leads you to desire a blend of compassion and administrative acuity, consider the Medical Assistant Program at Fortis College. This program is not just about learning the ropes; it’s about preparing you to take on the essential role of organizing and facilitating healthcare operations, with a human touch.

Fortis College nurtures your career with several key advantages:

  • Personalized Attention: Small class sizes mean you receive dedicated instruction from experienced professionals.
  • Real-World Skills: The curriculum is designed to give you both the administrative and clinical expertise necessary for a well-rounded foray into the medical field.
  • Job Placement Support: Their commitment to your success extends beyond graduation with job placement assistance that helps bridge the gap between learning and doing.

The convenient location near Sentara Leigh Hospital represents a launching pad for your practical employment opportunities upon completing the program.

Tidewater Community College – Medical Administrative Assistant Program

Should you prefer an accelerated educational trajectory without compromising on quality, Tidewater Community College also offers an efficiently-paced Medical Administrative Assistant program. Your journey in this program will immerse you in a rich curriculum designed to fine-tune your expertise in essential medical office functions.

Highlights of the program:

  • Medical Terminology Mastery: You will develop a robust understanding of the language used in medical environments.
  • Insurance and Billing: Navigating the complex world of insurance billing becomes second nature.
  • Health Records Management: You’ll gain critical skills in managing electronic health records, ensuring patient data is both accessible and secure.

Moreover, the diversity of the student body and the depth of faculty expertise at TCC contribute significantly to a learning experience that goes beyond textbooks.

Bryant & Stratton College – Bachelor of Business Administration in Human Resources

Perhaps you’re looking to broaden your horizons in healthcare administration, or you need that extra edge that a specialized degree conveys. At Bryant & Stratton College, the Bachelor of Business Administration in Human Resources offers a curriculum aligned with SHRM’s standards, granting you not just an academic degree but also a professional distinction.

Consider the distinct offerings of Bryant & Stratton College’s program:

  • SHRM Alignment: As an SHRM member, you have the opportunity to earn professional development credits – a testament to the program’s relevance and efficacy.
  • Comprehensive Education: With a curriculum spanning both business and healthcare administration, your knowledge base will be broad and applicable.
  • Student Support: On-campus childcare and a nurturing educational environment enable you to balance life and studies deftly.

Moreover, the diversity in degree programs and inclusive student services, like on-campus childcare, speak volumes of Bryant & Stratton College’s dedication to your education. It’s not just about climbing the career ladder; it’s about enjoying the ascent.

Old Dominion University – Certified Medical Assistant Program

Are you ready to be at the forefront of patient care? With Old Dominion University’s Certified Medical Assistant Program, you’re looking at a future where your administrative acumen meets the clinical expertise needed to support healthcare professionals. This program prides itself on offering not one but three healthcare certifications, ensuring that you are comprehensively prepared — not just for your first job — but for a lifelong career in medical assisting.

Let’s unwrap what makes ODU’s program a standout choice:

  • Clinical Experience: You will step out of the classroom and into the field with valuable clinical experience that employers value.
  • Online Convenience: The flexibility of online coursework is paired with hands-on externships for a balanced education that fits your life.
  • All-inclusive Tuition: No surprises here, as your tuition covers study materials and fees for national certification exams, making financial planning clearer.

You will graduate with the confidence to assist in various medical tasks, from drawing blood to administrative duties, and the added benefit of preparing for national certification. Old Dominion University’s Certified Medical Assistant Program has certainly set the bar high for Medical Administrative Assistant Programs in Norfolk VA.

Paul D. Camp Community College – Medical Office Administrative Assistant Program

What if you could turn two semesters into a stepping stone towards a fulfilling career? At Paul D. Camp Community College, the Medical Office Administrative Assistant Program is crafted for swift immersion into the medical office environment. In a span that’s just right for those eager to join the workforce, you’ll develop the necessary skills to excel in medical administration.

A look at the program reveals:

  • Swift Learning Curve: Complete your studies in a time frame that respects your eagerness to begin your career.
  • Career-focused Curriculum: Engage in hands-on learning designed to catapult you into job readiness.
  • Solid Foundations: Starting salaries for professionals in this field average around $31,700, with room for growth as you gain experience.

An educational path mapped out with precision awaits you. Starter jobs are just on the horizon after graduation from Paul D. Camp Community College. Embark on a program that values your time and career aspirations.

Centura College – Medical Administrative Assistant Program

Welcome to Centura College, where you’re not just studying; you’re preparing to make a direct impact in the health care community of Norfolk. Centura’s Medical Administrative Assistant Program, nestled within their advanced Norfolk campus facilities, guarantees you a learning experience that is as engaging as it is enriching.

Here’s why Centura College stands out:

  • Accreditation from Respected Boards: Assuring the highest standards in your educational journey.
  • Tailored Curriculum: Comprehensive learning in medical terminology, billing, coding — the pillars of medical administration.
  • Real-life Application: An externship awaits, providing you with hands-on skills that employers seek.

Coupled with their supportive environment and financial assistance, Centura College positions you for future success. The program connects students to the community through workforce initiatives, crafting not just graduates, but well-rounded professionals ready to serve. If your goal aligns with achieving excellence in Medical Administrative Assistant Programs in Norfolk VA, Centura College’s program is waiting for your arrival.

Deciding on the Right Medical Administrative Assistant Program in Norfolk

Choosing your educational pathway is a significant step in crafting your future career. As you explore Medical Administrative Assistant Programs in Norfolk VA, several considerations should guide your decision:

  1. Accreditation: Ensure the program you choose is recognized by reputable accrediting bodies.
  2. Program Length: Find a program that fits your timeline – whether you’re ready to dive in full-time or need to balance work with part-time studies.
  3. Hands-on Experience: Look for opportunities to practice your skills in real medical settings.
  4. Job Placement: A program with strong job placement support can bridge the gap between education and employment.

It’s also valuable to consider whether a program offers flexibility, such as online learning or evening classes, and what sort of additional benefits, such as certifications or externships, are included. Visits to campuses and interactions with faculty can also offer profound insight into the right fit for you.


Embarking on a Medical Administrative Assistant program is not merely about obtaining an education – it’s about preparing for a dynamic career in a sector that makes a genuine difference in people’s lives. Norfolk, VA offers a treasure trove of quality programs ready to equip you with the skills and knowledge necessary for success.

Remember, the keystone of your career is the education you receive. Be sure to choose a program that aligns with your personal, professional, and academic aspirations. Your next step could shape the future of healthcare in Norfolk and beyond—make it a solid one. The gateway to your new career begins with choosing the right program for you.