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Medical Administrative Assistant Programs in Concord NC

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Wondering if there’s a career path in Concord, NC, that combines healthcare passion with clerical expertise?

Medical Administrative Assistant Programs in Concord NC could be the answer you’re seeking. Gain the skills that put you at the heart of a medical team, mastering both patient care coordination and office management – a role essential to any healthcare setting.

Cabarrus College of Health Sciences – Medical Assistant Program

Are you envisioning a dynamic role within the healthcare industry? Look no further than the Medical Assistant Program at Cabarrus College of Health Sciences. With a program that holds accreditation from both the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP) and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC), this institution offers an education that is both reputable and rigorous.

Opting for this program, you can tailor your education to suit your life through two distinct tracks: the Associate Degree or a one-year Diploma. Both come with an invaluable practical component—a family medicine practicum that places you directly in the field. This program emphasizes a balance of skills, ensuring that graduates are adept in both administrative duties and clinical care.

  • Real-world Experience: Weekly hands-on clinical experiences sharpen your skills in a way that textbooks alone cannot.
  • Certification Potential: Following program completion, take that next big step – earning the Certified Medical Assistant (CMA(AAMA)) credential after passing the exam.
  • Financial Incentives: The Atrium Health Forgivable Loan is open to qualified students, potentially cutting down education costs significantly.
  • Program Flexibility: Whether you’re juggling other commitments or prefer a traditional learning environment, choose from full-time or part-time options, including hybrid and evening/weekend classes.

The program’s partnership with Atrium Health is not merely a boon for quality clinical sites, but also for post-graduation job prospects. The school’s robust approach, combined with excellent networking opportunities, sets you on a track for success as a professional medical assistant.

Central Piedmont Community College – Medical Office Administration Program

Central Piedmont Community College (CPCC) offers a Medical Office Administration program that provides a solid foundation for anyone keen on the administrative side of healthcare. Situated within a commuting distance from Concord, this program can equip you with the expertise required to excel in a medical office environment. The program offers both an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree and a certificate, designed to be in harmony with your career aspirations.

As a student here, you’ll plunge into a curriculum that offers an all-encompassing view of the medical office profession. Your journey at CPCC will be marked with crucial skill-building in areas like medical terminology, insurance practices, and office management. Plus, you’ll dabble in key typographic and financial management practices—all essential tools of the trade.

  • Hands-on Training: Over 160 hours of real-world experience ensure you’re workplace ready.
  • Pro Networking: The annual Administrative Professionals’ Summit is a unique CPCC hallmark, offering an excellent opportunity for student enrichment.
  • State-of-the-art Facilities: The Dora Johnson Office Technology Center, outfitted with the latest equipment, supports your learning journey.

Communication skills and computer application proficiency will become your strengths, paving your way to handle diverse functions in a medical setting adeptly. With tools like their Career Coach system, CPCC lays out a path for not just academic achievement but also real-world success. Find out more about their program offerings here.


By enrolling in one of the Medical Administrative Assistant Programs in Concord, NC – such as those offered at Cabarrus College and Central Piedmont Community College – you’re taking a decisive step toward a rewarding career that’s integral to our healthcare system. Whether your ultimate aim is to become a consummate Medical Administrative Assistant or secure a position as a Medical Office Administrator, these programs craft a route customized to your professional ambitions.

Southern College of Health Sciences – Medical Administrative Assistant Program

Embarking on a journey to become a medical administrative assistant in Concord, NC is an exciting decision, and at the Southern College of Health Sciences, you’re poised to receive an education that is both targeted and flexible. This school offers a robust Medical Administrative Assistant program that aligns with industry standards and demands, ensuring you graduate with a skill set that’s current and sought after.

  • Flexible Class Scheduling: You have the power to choose classes that fit your unique lifestyle with options for both day and evening courses.
  • Comprehensive Curriculum: A deep-dive into key topics like medical terminology, billing and coding, alongside office procedures, and electronic health records ensures you’re prepared for the rapidly evolving healthcare environment.
  • Externship Experience: Gain real-world exposure through a required externship that solidifies your knowledge and hones your skills.
  • Certification Opportunities: On completing the program, you will be eligible to sit for the Certified Medical Administrative Assistant (CMAA) exam, a credential that employers acknowledge.
  • Supportive Academic Environment: Benefit from experienced faculty who are dedicated to your success and a campus culture that champions support and collaboration.
  • Career Assistance: Transition from education to employment with the benefit of job placement services tailored to guide you toward your next professional chapter.

While the program does not offer online courses, the rich campus experience stakes its claim in preparing students to thrive in a healthcare administration role. Garner a sense of accomplishment and confidence as you move from the classroom to the clinic with Southern College of Health Science’s medical administrative assistant program.

Choosing Your Path in Medical Administration

Selecting among Medical Administrative Assistant Programs in Concord, NC isn’t just about finding a convenient location. It’s about choosing a program that will mold you into a proficient and employable professional. Here are several elements to weigh in on:

  1. Accreditation: Is the program recognized by reputable governing bodies? This ensures a level of education that meets or exceeds industry standards.
  2. Curriculum: Does it cover areas you’re most keen on learning? Whether it’s medical terminology, billing, coding, or electronic health record management, make sure your program aligns with your career goals.
  3. Externship and Practical Experiences: Are opportunities provided for hands-on practice? Real-life experience is invaluable for understanding the day-to-day of being a medical administrative assistant.
  4. Job Placement Rates: What are the outcomes for graduates? High rates can be indicative of an effective program that prepares students for entry into the workforce.
  5. Flexibility: Can the program accommodate your personal schedule? Whether it’s full-time, part-time, evening, or weekend classes, find a fit that works for you.
  6. Financial Aid and Scholarship Opportunities: What assistance is available to help you fund your education? Investigate loans, scholarships, and payment plans to ease your financial planning.
  7. Connectivity to Healthcare Networks: A program with strong ties to healthcare facilities can open doors to future employment and offer exceptional externship opportunities.

When choosing your path in medical administration, let these guideposts drive your decision-making. It’s crucial to invest in an education that not only enriches your knowledge but also propels you toward a successful and rewarding career.

Conclusion: Your Future in Medical Administration Awaits

In Concord, NC, Medical Administrative Assistant Programs stand ready to equip you with an array of skills essential for the seamless operation of healthcare facilities. Your proficiency at managing administrative tasks and understanding of patient care coordination are more than just career skills—they’re essential components in the overall healthcare delivery system. With programs like those offered by the Cabarrus College and Southern College of Health Sciences, your future in medical administration looks both bright and promising.

As you maneuver through the decision-making process, remember that the path you choose today will become the foundation upon which your career is built. Each of the programs highlighted here offers a unique blend of coursework, practical experience, and professional opportunities designed to foster your growth in this fulfilling field.

By undertaking a future in medical administration, you play a pivotal role in patient care, all while building a career that is both satisfying and highly respected. Reach out to these educational institutions, and take the next step towards a profession that’s not only about making a living but making a difference.